Primary Colors

I purchased this sailor dress a while back, but I hadn't had a chance to wear it since I took my "look at this awesome new dress I have!" photos. I actually hadn't planned on wearing it to the wedding that I went to this weekend either, but the great thing about having a boyfriend with a quirky and vintage sense of style is that when he decides he wants to go full on 1920s (suspenders, boater, bow tie), he's fully capable of packing me a matching outfit.
Yes, I know we're disgustingly cutesy. No, I don't really care.
My friend Diana, who actually has a really awesome collection of pinup dresses. 
The cardigan wasn't exactly the most comfortable thing to wear in 80 degree heat, but I never got around to finishing sleeves where I had cut them off, and I also popped a seam where the bodice met the skirt before I even go there. I decided that I actually really liked the yellow with the red and navy, though, so I could see myself recycling this outfit when the weather starts to cool.
Our friend Gary decided he wanted to be in the photo. 
I keep trying to get my boyfriend, Brian, to write about vintage fashion for men. He's got a really awesome sense of style, and he's utterly fearless. Not to brag, but everyone said we were the best dressed couple, and that's entirely down the the outfits that he picked out for us.
The adorable Bertie looks better in Brian's hat than he does.
I don't have very many good photos of the wedding because I was too busy sobbing about how beautiful it was to hold a camera steady. It's kind of a shame, though, because the bride, Sara, did an amazing job planning and executing the wedding. Pinterest-worthy decorations, amazing food and drinks, and a ceremony that was sweet and uniquely them. We could not have had a better time.
If you'd like to see more photos from the wedding (and I recommend it highly!), check out the Instagram hashtag #SandAHathaway.   

Dress: Lady Jane Vintage via eBay
Cardigan: Vintage Underground