Nancy Drew, Girl Detective

I was straight up obsessed with Nancy Drew when I was a kid. My local library had a huge collection of the books, both older ones (some of which dated back all the way to the 30s) and the newer ones from the 80s and 90s. I can't say that many of the plots stuck with me, but I do remember her intelligence and doggedness, her willingness to trust her instincts when the adults around her tried to tell here there was nothing going on. 

I've been trying to put together an outfit around this hat for a little while now. Emileigh from Flashback Summer did a look a while back with a hat pinned up on one side to give it more of a 30s look, which I really liked; this hat isn't too small on me, exactly, but for some reason it always looks a little small for my head (to me, anyway), and the asymmetry helps to solve that issue.

This white skirt is another item that I've found difficult to work into an outfit in the past, but I think it fits in well here. The whole outfit feels youthful and sporty, but feminine, which I think is where I got that little "Nancy Drew" vibe from. 

I had my 30th birthday party on Friday night, and it really was an amazing time. We went out for dim sum at a great Chinese restaurant, then headed over to a karaoke place where you could book a private room for your group. I love karaoke, but it's always so frustrating to wait (and wait, and wait, and wait) to get a chance to actually sing. That's why I love the private rooms - everyone can sing as much as they want. 

Most of all, it was just so lovely to spend time with my wonderful friends. Everyone is really busy, so being able to spend a few hours with all of my favorite people was a massive treat. If this is how my 30s are going to be, I can't wait for more!