School Daze

I guess that I must be in the separates mood, because this is the second outfit post in a row featuring a blazer and coordinating skirt. It's a really easy look to pull together when the temperature starts to drop, and I love the flexibility and ease that comes from a mix and match set. 


This blazer is part of a skirt suit that I've had for several years, and it's been featured on the blog a few times before. Oddly enough, while I love both this blazer and the accompanying skirt, I like them better when they're broken up. After seeing Bianca of The Closet Historian killing it in a blazer and pleated skirt, I really wanted to give the look a try myself. This plaid skirt was a perfect match for the rich green of the blazer, and it certainly felt appropriate for the holiday season.


Admittedly, though, this is basically a school uniform, so I figured I might as well lean into that a little bit. Why not? So, yes, I was actually at a Catholic school in my neighborhood taking these photos. I'm a very literal person sometimes. Don't judge me.


Blazer: Vintage Underground
Skirt: Knee Deep Vintage
Top: Uniqlo
Shoes: Gifted