Walk Like An Egyptian


I've been meaning to go on a bit of a shopping diet. My recent travels were expensive, and Brian and I are trying to save for a house, so picking up new pieces left and right really isn't the wisest decision right now. That said, when I came across this outfit, I just couldn't leave it behind. An Egyptian print patio set that fit me perfectly? Honestly, I shouldn't have even tried it on, because once I did buying it was a foregone conclusion. 

That said, I'm not sad that it's in my closet. It's perfect! I recently sold the patio set that I'd purchased a few years ago (it was a little too big for me, and for various reasons there wasn't a good way to alter it), so this filled a small gap in my closet. It's cotton, so it's the perfect thing for a hot and humid Chicago day, and the beautiful print sets it apart from other sets that I've seen before. The black and white color scheme helps to make it extra versatile. 

Has anyone else purchased something that's both slightly ill-advised and much beloved?


Patio Set: Hopscotch and Soda
Earrings, Bracelet: Vintage, from Jessica Cangiano
Shoes: Kate Spade