Nom de Bloom


It finally feels like spring in Chicago! I swear, I've spent so much time moaning about how it's been chilly and damp and the trees look dead that I think I'd half convinced myself that spring was just never going to come, so the sudden burst of warm weather and blooming flowers caught me a bit off guard. 


I was planning on shooting a completely different outfit, but after the abrupt change in the weather and sudden flowering of the trees, I decided that now was the perfect time for this dress. Cream, brown, and blue might not be the springiest of color palettes, but there was something about it that felt right for the moment - many of the trees are still a bit bare and brown, but the signs of life that are beginning to manifest are what really draw the eye, much like the pops of blue in this print.

IMG_3567 (1).jpg

This is another find from Knee Deep Vintage, and what's funny is that I'd seen it a few times before, and always passed it by. I've grown to like brown more over the past year or so, though, and when I tried it on the fit really couldn't have been more perfect. I really love how it looks paired with wood jewelry and brown leather sandals, but I could see adding a blue shoe or earrings to bring out the other colors in the print.


In other news, I'm seeing Dita von Teese next week! This will be the second time that I've seen her show, and while I really enjoyed it the first time, it wasn't an ideal experience - Brian was running quite late, so he only got to see half the show, and I got standing room only tickets, which wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't decided to wear heels. This time we've got actual seats, and I'm even taking off work for a couple of days so that I can really enjoy myself. I really think it's fun sometimes to make an event out of things. I've been feeling a bit down that I won't be able to do much traveling this year (we're saving up for a house and a wedding), so acting a bit like a tourist in my own city is a nice way to scratch that itch without breaking the bank.


Dress: Knee Deep Vintage
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Bangles, Earrings: Vintage
Purse: Deathrose Vintage