A Month Of Lipstick & A Big Ass MAC Giveaway

The five colors I'll be giving away.

The five colors I'll be giving away.

This month, I challenged myself to bring a little more glamour into my life by wearing lipstick every day. While sometimes it got a bit annoying (I decided it only counted if I wore it for the full day, and some of them needed touching up all the damn time), I really liked how it made me feel - sophisticated, cool, and decidedly not a wallflower. Now, that daily swipe of color is starting to feel like second nature, and I do see myself continuing on with it into the year.

One thing that I tried to do most days was make a lip print right after I put on my lipstick in the morning. It was kind of funny to look back and see how I rotate through colors. At the beginning of the month, I found myself reaching for vivid pinks, purples, and reds; by the end of the month, the colors that I was grabbing most often were Sephora's Passion Red, a true rosy red, and Clinique's Go Fig, a brown nude. Maybe it's all the 90s nostalgia permeating our culture right now, but I've really been loving the look of brown(ish) lipsticks. There's a really nice softness and warmth to it, and it feels really refreshing after wearing bold lips for so long.

Another thing that I realized was that lip liner is just about the best thing ever. I'm probably a little late catching that particular train, but seriously, if you don't wear it already, give it a shot. I only own two - a brown, almost beige-y nude they gave me for free at Sephora, and a medium, slightly orange-y red - but it was amazing what a difference they made in the longevity and versatility of my lipsticks. When layered with a similar color, I didn't even need to touch up after my coffee and snack. I also found myself using them to tone down, brighten, or warm up colors that I was getting a bit bored of. I found that I especially loved the brown layered under a sheer, rosy pink; the combination was ridiculously flattering and pretty, but still soft and natural.

Since lipstick did such an excellent job brightening up my month (not to mention my mouth), I wanted to brighten up yours too. To that end, I'm hosting my first giveaway - five awesome MAC lipsticks! I even got a makeup artist to help me pick popular colors that would flatter a variety of women.


The colors are:

1) Russian Red (a true, blue-based matte red)

2) Viva Glam (an intense brick red)

3) Myth (a light neutral nude)

4) Brave (a pearlescent pink beige)

5) Lady Danger (a vivid coral red)

There are three ways to enter, so you can have up to three chances to win.

1) Follow Zella Maybe on Bloglovin', and leave a comment here telling me what your favorite lipstick is.

2) Follow me on Instagram at @ZellaMaybe, and post a photo of your favorite lipstick (it would be great if you were wearing it, but a lip print or photo of the tube works just as well for the shy) with the hashtag #ZellaLovesLipstick.

3) Like my Facebook page, and leave a comment there telling me how often you wear lipstick.

That's pretty easy, right? The giveaway is open worldwide, and will close at midnight, February 7th (CST). I'll announce one randomly chosen winner on February 8th, so keep an eye out here, on IG, or on Facebook.

Good luck! I'm actually kind of sad that I can't enter myself, because after a month of wearing lipstick all the time, I've realized that you really can't ever have too many.