Winter Wonderland

You know what's amazing? Just how much warmer 20 degrees feels than 5. For some reason, the weekends have been much warmer here in Chicago than the weeks, which is great for me because the weekends are the only time I have enough light for photos, and even my tolerance for cold does not lend itself well to being outside without a coat in -30 degree wind chill.

I kept things pretty low key on Saturday - spent some time in my favorite coffee shop during the day, reading and relaxing, then got a little tipsy off of gin and cranberry cocktails while watching Boardwalk Empire with Brian in the evening. I haven't actually watched a whole lot of that show. It's enjoyable, and obviously I'm a bit of a sucker for a period piece, but it just didn't draw me in, and I honestly can't tell you why. We made a little bit of a marathon of it, though, and I'm starting to get into it. Anyone else a fan? Or if you've seen it and didn't care for it, what didn't you like about it?

Of course, I also had to get dressed up and do a little shoot. It snowed this week, and I wanted to try to get some of those pretty, throwing snow up in the air and looking cute photos. 

Dress: Zara / Sweater: Forever21 / fur: Vintage / Shoes: Asos

Dress: Zara / Sweater: Forever21 / fur: Vintage / Shoes: Asos

It probably would have worked better if it weren't kind of a windy day.

"Aaaah, snow!"

I'm pretty sure I'm snort laughing. 

I would love to say that after many attempts, I finally got a decent one, but I guess I'm just not that good with throwing snow up in the air/timing it right for photos. I'm still pretty amused by my fail, though, so that'll have to do. But hey, this "whee, I'm twirling!" pic isn't half bad, though.

Ok, one calm one. Just to prove that while I may be a flailing spaz, I am not a flailing spaz all the time.

It was fun playing in the snow, although my boyfriend's brother (who does woodworking in our garage) and his friend kept coming in and out the gate, and it was rather tempting to let fly with some of the snow I was holding. Somehow I managed to refrain. I am a lady, after all. (That's a lie.)