January Blues

Ok, so first off, some housekeeping.

I had kind of a tough time getting everything up and running on the site, and making sure that it looked and worked just the way that I wanted it to. I probably should have done a little bit more testing before I launched it, but I really wanted to have it up on New Year's, so... you know. But I think everything is good now! (And if it's not, let me know. Just comment or shoot me an email or send me a message on IG or whatever works for you.) 

You can follow me on Bloglovin', you can find the comments easily, and best of all, I've got my cool, custom banner from the very talented Madylen Prager, whose work you can find at To Catch a Dream Eater. I'll have an interview up with her in a few weeks, so stay tuned for that.

So, that said, the weather Saturday was super crappy. I mean really, really bad. Not exceptionally cold (that's coming later this week), but cold enough, with freezing rain coming from the sky and streets full of slush. Just nasty. The cold I'd been nursing since just after Christmas decided to transmute itself into a dry, hacking cough, and then I tried to cut my finger off slicing cheese. 

I know, I know, I sound like a whiny little bitch. I felt like a whiny little bitch, frankly. Sunday, fortunately, was much nicer - we got the first real snow of the season! Of course I had to get out in it. It was the perfect kind of snow, too, dry and powdery. I got Brian to come out and take some photos of me.

Sweater: vintage Underground chicago/ skirt:  veryvintagestore on etsy / boots: Seychelles

Sweater: vintage Underground chicago/ skirt: veryvintagestore on etsy/ boots: Seychelles


I'm also working on setting up a space inside the house where I can take photos. My apartment isn't very picturesque - lots of nasty beige carpet and not a lot of light - but you make do with what you've got, right? And we (or, really, Brian) own some really cool vintage things, so I'd like to use some of them to create cool vignettes.

Speaking of places to take photos, I loved this list complied by Jessica of Chronically Vintage with a slew of different places to do shoots. I already checked off "in the snow," and there are plenty of other options on here that have me going "oh, yeah, I know just the place." 

Where's your favorite place to take photos in the winter? Do you feel like it puts a cramp in your style, or does it just inspire you to be more creative?