Birds Perch On Her Fingers When She Sings

Even when I'm waiting with bated breath for fall - tights and sweaters and turning leaves and hot apple cider - it's hard not to be delighted about the unseasonably warm days that pop up here and there after the temperatures have started to drop. I get sick of summer, but for some reason it still feels like a treat to walk around with bare arms and legs again after a couple of weeks of jacket weather. 

Saturday was a day like that. It was blissfully perfect, with sunshine, blue skies, and gentle breezes that seemed made for ruffling full skirts. I have this idea that the only thing you really need for a successful photo shoot is a little bit of wind and a big skirt, and I think this set of photos is good proof of concept.

I know that I've said this before, but I love shooting up on the roof of Brian's work space. It just always seems to turn out so well, with the vibrant blue of the sky in the background. The silver coating on the roof also helps give me even lighting on my face, and the wide open space and bright light make every detail so crisp.

Let's please ignore my goofy face, because I'm pretty happy with this twirl.

I wonder what it'll be like to go up there in winter. Probably terrifying, actually. The stairs to get up to it are a source of mild terror at the best of times (believe me, I was very careful ascending them in these heels), so I have a feeling that the addition of snow and ice aren't going to make things any more pleasant. I have a feeling that a little bit of snow on the roof, though, could be downright magical.

Brian had just finished a piece that he was working on, and he decided to head up with me to get some photos of his own. 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Pretty much all I did was watch TV and snap photos, so hopefully someone out there had a bit more excitement than I did.

Bonus video!