Pumpkin Patch Kid

There's a good reason that fall is my favorite season. A beautiful fall day is crisp and clear, warm in the sunshine with cool and gentle breezes. You can pile on the cozy layers or stick with a sleek silhouette, and either would be equally comfortable. Also, everything is covered with cheese, and coffee shops have hot apple cider, and that's cool too.

I have a lot of very nice things in my closet that I don't wear very often, and a few things that I wear all the time. This gorgeous dress was a birthday present from Brian, and in the 6 months that I've had it, I think I've only worn it two or three times. Sad, right? I decided I needed to right that wrong.

It's a pretty summery dress, but with the orange in the print it felt like a good fit for October. You can carry most dresses over into fall, or even winter, with the addition of a sweater and some leather accessories. This kelly green sweater was a favorite last winter, and it worked just as well this time around.

Of course, after wearing it for a little while, I remembered why I don't wear this dress very often. The armholes are just a leeettle tight, which means they... well, scrape me raw. And then the zipper came unstitched from the dress while I was eating dinner. Those two things may or may not be related. 

What's your favorite way to winterize a summer item? Are there some things feel need to stay in summer, or is everything fair game?
Dress: Vintage, gifted
Sweater: Forever21
Boots: Aldo
Brooch: Chronically Vintage via Etsy