What the Fox

I've been loving the moody, stormy weather we've been having here for the past couple of days. Windy, a bit rainy, with storm clouds sweeping across the sky. 

Whenever I look through blogs or fashion articles, I tend to mentally bookmark looks that I particularly like. Recently, I actually started keeping a written list of different outfits that I wanted to try out so that I'd have them on hand when I was getting dressed in the morning. 

Sometimes the outfits don't work as well on my body as they do in my mind, but I think this one came off pretty well. This skirt is the bottom half of a vintage suit, and I wore it like crazy last winter. This fox sweater was also a big favorite last year. I bought these heels for my burlesque act this spring, and I've had so few opportunities to wear them that I had to find some ways to work them into rotation.

I've also found myself reaching for this lipstick more often as the weather chills. It is a little bit stark, but I find it really striking. It's a little much for work, but I've been wearing it a lot on the weekends.


I just finished packing up my summer clothes and pulled out my winter ones. There were a few pieces in there that I'd actually kind of forgotten about, so I'm going to have to starting figuring outfits for those too.

Do you guys also plan outfits in advance? Have you taken the slightly OCD step of writing up a list?

Top: Forever21
Skirt: 40s/50s Vintage, Vintage Underground
Shoes: Seychelles