In my last post I mentioned that I've fallen in love with a particular aesthetic - a little bohemian, a little Victorian, a little gothic. Some of it has to do with prevailing trends, like the 70s thing that's pretty much taken over fashion this year, but a lot of it has to do with my naturally dramatic inclinations, which always seem to reach their peak as the leaves start to turn. Right now I'm loving the contrast between sheer chiffon and dense wool and velvet, delicate drapery and structural details, and the kind of sexiness that comes from being covered up and just a little bit prim.

Here are some picks (all under $100) to get the look.


70s Victorian Inspired Maxi Dress with Cape

I love the high collar and the delicate, sheer cape.

70s Red Velvet Maxi Dress

Almost everything else I chose for this post was black and white, but I just couldn't pass up this Renaissance inspired red velvet dress. Practical? Not unless you live in a tower and are named Rhiannon or Guinevere or something like that. Pretty? As the day is long.

70s Full Taffeta Maxi Skirt

Another piece that could be surprisingly versatile. Pair it with a high necked blouse and channel a little suffragette spirit, or throw on a slim fitting sweater for a modern take.

80s Does 40s Wiggle Dress with Peplum

Guys, I'm so very tempted by this dress. Blade Runner, anyone?

Silk Chiffon Maxi Dress

I love the little spots of gold shimmering in the black chiffon. So dreamy. 

Crocheted High Neck Dress

Can't you see this with a Gibson Girl bun and a pair of knee high black boots on a chilly fall day?

Floral Chiffon High Neck Dress

A slightly more practical take on the look, this pretty little chiffon dress might be the best way to rock the boho goth look on a weekday.

Sheer Drop Waist Embroidered Dress

Full disclosure - I bought this. It's amazing, and I'm still patting myself on the back for getting it so cheap. Snap it up if you can.

Vintage Gray Wool Trench Coat with Velvet Collar

If you're in the market for a new winter coat, this one is stylish, practical, and affordable. The velvet at the collar is a great menswear inspired touch.

40s Black Velvet Capelet

I couldn't resist. And really, who would want to resist the embrace of a velvet cape? 

Sheer Victorian Inspired Cream Blouse

A bit on the pricy side, but the I love the bib detail and a delicacy of the fabric.

Shirred Trumpet Sleeve Top

So angelic. Love the sleeves.

Vintage Victorian Inspired Riding Jacket

If this jacket wasn't so small, I'd be all over it. The nipped waist and structured shoulder on this Victorian style riding jacket would be insanely flattering.

30s Wide Brim Hat

Speaking of stylish movies, isn't this just a little bit Lydia Deetz? 

Wide Brim Wool Fedora

Keeps your head warm, makes you look cool. Win/win.

High Heel Ankle Boot

An updated take on the granny boot. The thick heel seems like it would be great for walking.

Riding Boots

Oh hey, those knee high boots I mentioned. 

Leather Bucket Bag

This style of bag is actually ridiculously popular right now. I like how sleek this particular version is, and the bucket style is actually very reminiscent of a Victorian lady's reticule. 

Velvet Bucket Bag with Floral Embroidery

The pretty embroidery and soft velvet would make this a great way to brighten up an all black outfit.

Black Cameo Earrings

Delicately carved cameo earrings add a lovely touch.

Carved Vulcanite Floral Brooch

This mourning brooch is so unusual looking. I would love to see this pinned at the throat of a high necked white blouse.

Sterling Silver Skull Ring

You'd have to give this pretty ring a second glance to notice the delicate skulls.

Silver Falcon Skull Necklace

Another piece that stealthily brings a little gothic glamour to your look. I have a hummingbird skull necklace from this seller that I wear just about every week.

So what do you think? Anything catch your eye?