Paint With All The Colors Of The Wind

Chicago abruptly transitioned from summer into fall last week. Honestly, it was like flipping a switch - one day, it was 75 and sunny, and the next it was a blustery 55. I am, predictably, delighted about it. I got a nice little taste of fall weather during my sojourn to Iceland, so I've been looking forward to busting out the tights and sweaters again since I got back to Chicago.

I've been pretty infatuated with bohemian, gothic styles recently, but that doesn't mean that I've lost of my love for bright colors and 60s silhouettes. I love the combination of baby blue and mustard yellow, and I feel like this denim overall dress is neutral enough to make an unexpected pairing like that work.

In the past, I would have staunchly avoided a dress with such a short hemline and undefined waist. Lately, though, my rule book has gone out the window. Although I'm still a fan of a cinched waist, I've been feeling confident enough in myself that I don't feel like I have  to constantly emphasize the smallest part of me to feel like I look good. It's kind of freeing, actually, not having to worry so much if what I'm wearing is the most flattering thing that I could have on my body.

These weren't the shoes that I'd originally planned on wearing with this outfit. I have this pair of sky blue platforms that I adore, but hardly ever find a reason to wear. I thought they would look great with the tights, but that particular shade of blue clashed with everything else that was going on. These black and white brogues don't go, exactly, but I feel like they add another nice textural element to the look.

Also, according to people who see me at work, my hair is growing. I was under the impression that that was just what hair did, but apparently there is something exceptional about the lengthening of my own particular follicles.

Ok, I'm mostly joking, because my hair does grow pretty fast, and since it's usually either up or curled, when I wear it down and straight it can come as something of a surprise to see how long it is. Still, I've had enough people say the same thing to me that I'm starting to wonder if other people's hair just doesn't.

Cardigan: Vintage Underground, Chicago
Jumper Dress: Forever21
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Asos