Meet Eucephalia.

Eucephalia is Endorra's wild younger sister. She has a penchant for the dark arts, and has been known to use her powers to snag a lover for the night. They never stick around for long, though, and there always seems to be yet another pet chicken or pig hanging around on her island.

Although she loved the free-wheeling 60s, Euchephalia is ready to embrace the bohemian glam of the 70s, especially once she gave up shrooms for blow. That stuff'll really light a fire under your broomstick, if you know what I mean.

These days, Eu finds herself partying all night, then greeting the dawn with some interpretive dance. Something about going to the disco reminds her of the good old days, worshiping Bacchus, although now it's slightly less socially acceptable to dismember offending men.

Eu's been thinking about dropping in on her niece, Samantha. The last time she dropped in, she swapped out her husband for another guy, and she's wondering if Samantha has noticed yet.