Links to Love

The world of modeling can present such a distorted image of what a body should look like. I know there have been times when I compared myself to Victoria's Secret models and ended up feeling like total crap. It's saddening to hear that women who come closer than most to meeting that particular standard of beauty still get grief about their weight, but good for her for standing up for herself.

Why The Navy Is Turning Back To The Stars

This is so fascinating! The Navy had stopped using astronomical navigation, but GPS is actually a really precarious system to base so much on - the satellites are getting old, and there's a lot of space junk out there that could knock one out of commission. As much as we love technology, there's something to be said for going back to basics.

I Wore A Red Carpet Gown In Real Life For A Week

Anyone else want to try this with me?

Daniel Craig On James Bond

I've actually been really impressed by how much of a feminist Daniel Craig seems to be. I love James Bond, but it's great to see an actor who portrays him admit just how much is wrong with the character and the franchise. I really have to go see Spectre.

Why do Norwegians use "texas" to mean "crazy"?

TAWA Texas Icon Blue.png

This one kind of speaks for itself. Personally, I use "florida" to mean "crazy" though.

In Defense of My Black Tights


I was unaware that black tights needed any defense, because they are the bomb. Nonetheless, this is a really well written piece that gives that winter staple it's well deserved due.

Talking Back to Ophelia, 1918

I found this really fascinating. Basically, two female poets studying at Oxford in 1918 took issue with how romanticized female suicide is in the classics, something that modern feminists still write about. Well worth a read.

This Is Why NFL Star Greg Hardy Was Arrested for Assaulting His Ex-Girlfriend

I don't really watch football, but even though I don't pay much attention to what's going on in the NFL, it's hard not to notice that they have a serious issue with domestic violence. The game rewards aggression, and that aggression isn't always limited to the field.

Antibiotic Resistance: World on the cusp of "post antibiotic era"

And finally, something to scare your pants off. Or scare them on, because the words "antibiotic resistant gonorrhea" makes me want to never have sex ever again.