Seeing Red


Ok guys, serious question - what do you do when you absolutely love something that you practically never wear?

This dress was a Black Friday purchase last year. At the time I think I said it was basically the prettiest thing I'd ever owned, and that's still an accurate statement. I love the drop waist, the richness of the fabric, the rhinestones on each button. It's very well made, and it fits like a dream.

It's a luscious dress that I'm really happy to own, but I've only actually worn it three times, and two of those times were to take photos. I guess it doesn't have to be strictly a party dress - I think I did a pretty good job dressing it down a little bit here, with a cardigan and some chunky flats - but really, it wants to be a party dress. This is not a dress for riding a bike. It's not really even a dress for lifting my arms above my head. If I had a lot of parties to go, keeping it would be a no-brainer, but I usually only end up going to one or two during the holidays. On top of that, as I mentioned Monday, I just got another new dress that fits really neatly into that "holiday party appropriate" box, and how many of those do I really need?

The sensible part of me is saying that of course I should sell it on. A dress this lovely deserves to go to someone with a busy social calender, someone who can really make the most of all the gorgeous glamour it has to offer. As you might have noticed, though, I'm not what most people would consider sensible, and trading in a dress that makes me feel like Grace Kelly just has me shaking my head and going "nah."

So what would you do? Right now I'm thinking the course of action that would make me happiest would just be to get invited to more fancy holiday parties.

Dress: VeryVintageStore
Cardigan: Forever21
Shoes: ASOS