Fab As A Hatter

I finally got my hands on the traveling hat that the delightful Tanith Rowan of Tanith Rowan Designs created and sent out into the world. And by finally, I mean I've had it for a month and am just now getting around to taking my photos. I really wanted to get a brand new outfit - it's so fabulous that I felt like it deserved it - but it just didn't work out that way. On the other hand, though, maybe it's better that I ended up wearing this gorgeous hat with a dress that I've been wearing since my earliest days blogging, since it shows just how much a new hat can liven up an old frock.

This hat has already graced the heads of a number of gorgeous fashion bloggers, but I think I may be the first one to wear it backwards. One of the things that I love so much about it is just how well designed it is, because I feel like it looks just as beautiful whatever way you choose to wear it. 

The unique style and character of the hat means that it can play well in a number of eras, from the 30s, 40s, or 50s, or with a more modern, Royal Ascot kind of look. As you might be able to tell, I went with a late 40s, early 50s thing, all in shades of blue to set off the blues in the hat.

I'm kind of amazed by how fast I got these photos. I took them around the corner from a church on a Sunday, so I had a lot of people walking past or through the frame or crossing the street to avoid the crazy girl in the hat. It can throw you off your game a little bit, but it can also encourage you to get your shit together and just get it done.

On top of all the other things to love about this hat, like the beautiful and whimsical design, it also stays on your head when you're jumping. How's that for some fab hattery?

Hat: Tanith Rowan Designs
Dress: The Vintage Mistress
Cardigan: Vintage Underground
Shoes, Belt: ASOS
Dress Clip: The Best Vintage Clothing