City Fair

I just watched the movie State Fair, from 1945, and although it's a pretty insipid film, some of the costumes the female lead wore were spectacular. A lot of her outfits had very full sleeves, which I thought was a lovely detail, and it reminded me that I had this top lurking the in back of my dresser. 

I've actually had this top for ages - I got it from Anthropologie probably 8 years ago now - and I go back and forth about whether I like it depending on the prevailing trends. I think the pencil skirt does a nice job balancing out the fullness of the sleeves, and although I rarely wear purple, I do really like the color. 

It's been a while since I've worn a pencil skirt, and it's probably obvious that I'm not super comfortable in it. Hands on hips is kind of like the security blanket of poses, with the way it minimizes the waist and rounds out the hips, but it does give that classic "pinup" look. This skirt is a bit more fitted in the hips than it is in the waist, so I felt like I needed the extra boost of confidence from the traditionally flattering pose.

And in case you were wondering, I didn't have to take my coat off for these photos because I wasn't wearing one. It was ridiculously warm in Chicago this weekend - seriously, like 65 degrees out. I wore a sweater out earlier in the day and was sweating my balls off. We spend a lot of time talking about weather in Chicago anyway, but I can't think of an extended conversation that I've had in the past two weeks that didn't involve some variation on "can you believe how nice out it is?"
Of course, it was also pretty damp out, making my set all droopy (hmm... might have to reconsider that phrasing; my roller set, I mean), but this time last year I think we were under an inch of ice.

What did you get up to this weekend?