Living My Best Life


Am I the only one that finds going out and having fun incompatible with being a good blogger? I was doing way better at keeping up with everything when the most interesting thing going on in my life was binge watching old episodes of Buffy and Angel. I know there are people out there who travel and go to parties and have lives and still manage to keep up a lively online presence, but frankly, trying to do both is exhausting for me.

Part of it is just this time of the year. If I want to have outfit posts, every single weekend I need to make the time to get dressed up and get out and take pictures, and if the weather isn’t cooperative or I have other things to do, I’m kind of SOL. And yes, I know I should be stockpiling outfit photos for just such an occasion, but I’m both a bit lazy and not well known for my abilities in forward planning, so that’s not a thing for me. Of course, there are other types of posts that I could be doing, but I feel like lately I’m either out doing something, tired from having been out doing something the night before, or catching up with all the things that I’ve neglected in my day to day life while I’ve been out doing interesting things and being tired.

So, in short, while I don’t usually apologize for having an unscheduled absence from my blog, I do feel bad that I’ve been doing such a shit job replying to comments and keeping up with everyone else’s posts. Not that I’m necessarily going to do better, but at least this way you know I’m thinking about it.

But anyway, I got my Secret Santa gift! My very clever Secret Santa went straight to the source and got me a beautiful pair of earrings from Chronically Vintage. I love their deep blue color and standout design – they seem like just the kind of thing to throw on with an LBD to bring it to the next level. I also got a scarf (you shouldn’t have!) and the cutest little notebook, which has been living in my purse ever since it arrived. I was so excited about getting the package that I didn’t get a photo of the beautiful wrapping, but I assure you very sweet.


Has anyone else got their VSS gift yet? I sent mine out a while back, so I hope my lady is loving it.

This is going to be my only post this week, so for those of you who celebrate it, Merry Christmas! I do have quite a few things in the pipeline before the year ends, though, so keep an eye out next week for some fun stuff.