So You Want To Get Me A Present

It's nearly Christmas, and I know there are a few people who are getting me presents. I'm participating in the Vintage Secret Santa being put on by Jessica of Chronically Vintage, and I know it can be hard to pick out a present for someone that you don't know. In order to make it easy for my Santa (or anyone else that might want it) here's a list of some reasonably priced items I would be thrilled to get this Christmas.

Chronically Vintage 1950s Milk Glass Necklace - $24

I love jewelry, and I love the special touch that final accessory adds to any outfit, but I'd be the first to admit that I'm terrible about remembering anything other than my everyday earrings and maybe a ring or necklace, if I'm feeling ambitious. Well, not any more! If you want to help me turn over a new leaf and finally step up my accessories game, maybe you could pick me up one of these amazing pieces from Chronically Vintage. And, as I'm sure you all know, she's offering 25% off with the code VSS25.

Wild Rose Lotion - $15

This intensively moisturizing lotion sounds absolutely heavenly. I get really dry skin in the winter, and some nice lotion to soothe my parched epidermis would make a fantastic gift for me.

Vintage Square Silk Scarf - $14

Scarves used to be kind of an afterthought for me, but ever since I started doing wet sets on my hair, I use them all the time. Overnight, when I'm riding my bike to work, when I'm putzing around on the weekends and being too lazy to do my hair. How about this vintage scarf, which would match my favorite coat perfectly?

Lucite handled Purse - $25

Frankly, I wouldn't blame anyone for picking this beauty up for their own Christmas present. Most of my purses are the big bags that I carry for work, and I would love to have a vintage beauty like this to carry on nights when I get all dressed up.

Besame Cosmetics Lipstick in 1935 Cherry Red - $22

I'm a red lipstick freak, and while I probably don't need any more, how could I resist this beautiful color from Besame? The classic packaging, and equally classic colors, would be right at home next to my 1950s gold compact.

Scandals of Classic Hollywood - $14.40

You really can't go wrong with a book, and lately I've been feeling a real urge to connect with Old Hollywood, through fiction, non-fiction, or advice on how to bring that kind of glamour into my life. 

Does anyone else like to make a list for Christmas? Although I know it can take the element of surprise out of things, I feel like it makes like easier for everyone.