I said "brrrr"

I meant to have this post up yesterday, but Tuesday was Fat Tuesday, and my boyfriend's family likes to celebrate. The best part - his parents' new puppy! Her name is Zola, and she is tiny and cute and likes me. After dinner I fell asleep in my chair with her in my lap, because I am secretly (not very secretly) an old lady.

Anyway, we didn't get home in time for me to get this together for Wednesday, so Thursday it is. 

From the outfits that I usually wear on these pages, you could be forgiven for forgetting that I live somewhere that's generally considered cold. Chicago is one of the many places where the motto "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes, it'll change" has been widely adopted. It can, and does, get bitterly cold here, but usually it doesn't last too long before the temps bounce back up to something a little more bearable. The past few weekends, the temperatures have been pretty cooperative, but this weekend it just wasn't happening. I've got a pretty good tolerance for the cold, but I seriously spent most of Saturday and Sunday huddling under my covers, trying to coax some blood back into my frozen appendages.

Happily for me, it was a three day weekend, and Monday was slightly warmer than the previous couple of days. There was still no way I was taking my coat off outdoors, though.

Pretty much my winter uniform. Ankle boots, matching tights, a longer skirt, swing coat, and a scarf wrapped around my head. It's my middle ground between trying to look cute and avoiding frostbite. I usually sub in a pair of knee high boots for the ankle boots when it drops down much more than this.

I don't know if I've worn this coat on the blog before, but it's one of my favorites. I got it for a steal, and I love the fur cuffs and collar. It's from Rothmoor, which I recently learned is pretty decent brand.

Brian bought me this sweater when we first started dating, and I need to figure out more ways to work it into outfits. It's so cute and fun, and obviously I've got a little bit of a sentimental attachment to it. I can pretty much only wear it in the depths of winter, though, because despite the short sleeves, it's ridiculously warm.

Do you guys have a winter uniform? What's the best way you know to stay warm and stylish when it's frigid out?