On Wednesday's We Wear Black

I actually wore this on Saturday, but whatever.

I wanted very badly to be a goth kid when I was in high school. The last couple of years of school, I lived in Southern California, near San Diego, and in that area a lot schools feature large outdoor areas - classes are held in discrete buildings, with outdoor walkways and expansive stretches of lawn. The goth kids spent their lunch on the lawn near where my own little group of friends sat, and I thought they were so cool. The head to toe black, the mesh gloves, the eyeliner, the thick soled shoes. They were so distinctive, so different.

I never really got to inhabit that persona, to be a member of that tribe, but it's fun sometimes to be a bit of a poser. I think this actually does a good job marrying my own style with that gothic aesthetic, and I feel like I landed somewhere between 30s vamp and late 90s mall goth.

This dress is one of those awesome pieces that I don't wear nearly often enough. I got it at a clothing swap, and while it's recent Banana Republic, it's full of beautiful 30s details, like bias cut black silk, a draped cowl neck, sweeping ties at the back of the neck. Considering that all I did was get groceries and hang out in the coffee shop, I thought a chunky knit cardigan might be a good way to dress it down a little.

This is the second week in a row where I've worn unusually dark lipstick and my interpretation of 30s hair. Maybe it's something about the depths of winter. I actually used an eyeliner to get this lip color. It's a dark, shimmery green, which I layered with a deep purple to get something that's not quite as harsh as black, but still quite severe.

Now that I think about it, I don't believe I've ever posted an all black look on here before. I spent years wearing so much of it as a shop girl that I basically quit buying it for a while, but I'm coming back around to the color. I'm still predisposed towards brighter hues, but there's definitely something to love about a simple black outfit.

What do you guys think about my spin on a witchy look?

As a side note, I also have a quick question for the other bloggers out there who've run successful giveaways. First off, thank you to all the people who have already entered my MAC giveaway; if you haven't and would like to do so, check out this post for all the ways you can get a shot at five beautiful shades of lipstick. (I'm selling it! I'm selling it like the rent is due tonight!)

I'm kind of surprised by the lack of response on Instagram, though. I sort of thought that would be the natural habitat of people who like free stuff, but there have only been a couple of lovely ladies that wanted to show off their pretty faces (which I think I was pretty clear was not required; a photo of a lip print or tube of lipstick was also a totally valid option). One thing that I did a little differently than other giveaways that I've seen was request an original picture, since I honestly find it really annoying to see the same image reposted over and over when different brands are having their own giveaways. Is that the best way to run this, though? At this stage, I'm not going to change anything, but it would be good to know if that's what I should do in the future. Any other advice you might want to give would also be well appreciated, even if the advice is "wait until you've got more followers."