February Links to Love

I found some really fun links for you guys for this month, so I hope you enjoy them!

It's Time To Get Acquainted With Your Future Self

This is something that I know I need to work on, but apparently there's a reason I'm not great at taking care of future me: my brain thinks of future me as a stranger, and it's pretty easy to be a dick to a total stranger. Just one of the reasons my shopping ban was probably a good idea.

This Reality TV Show Puts Fashion Bloggers To Work In A Sweatshop

I have to admit, I'm not always that conscious of how my clothes are made. When you see something cute and cheap in a place like Forever21, it's easier not to think about what conditions the workers who made it live and work in, but ethically, that's hard to justify. I think this video is a good reminder to be mindful of how clothing is produced.

The Problem With Those 'Feminist' Superbowl Ads

I don't know if I totally agree with this article. The basic premise is that by making feminism a commodity, it loses the power to actually create change. On the one hand, that does happen, and has happened with issues like breast cancer, where a company can sell pink anything, and people will buy it whether or not any money is going to curing, preventing, or detecting breast cancer. The anti-domestic violence ad that ran during the Super Bowl is another instance of an ad that panders to women and to an important cause without actually helping in any way. On the other hand, though, when something is so mainstream that it becomes a commodity, doesn't that mean that it's seeping into the public consciousness? And isn't that exactly what needs to happen for women to achieve true equality? 

This Is What One Man Learned From Wearing Makeup For A Week

I really appreciated reading this article about what it's like for a man to wear increasing amounts of makeup for a week. Usually it's women who agonize about wearing makeup and what it means, so it was kind of cool to hear about it from a man, and one who had never previously worn makeup before. I loved his enthusiasm for it, even after the experiment ended - it reminded me of what I love about makeup.

How To Tell If You're In A Soft Science Fiction Novel

I read this checklist over carefully, and it turned out I'm not. Can you say the same?

The Cops Don't Care About Violent Online Threats. What Do We Do Now?

It's sad and frightening to realize just how little recourse people have to online threats. There are some steps that are being taken to address the lack, but one of the biggest issues is that police departments basically don't know how to deal with the internet (unless, of course, someone is making threats towards cops, in case arrests will be made, because of course; but that's another story). When cases become too serious to be ignored any longer, or something happens to a famous person, it's usually the FBI that steps in to handle it.

The Derelict - The Story of the Sinking of the SS Morro Castle

This was an absolutely fascinating read. The SS Morro Castle was a luxurious cruise ship that sailed between New York and Cuba in the 30s, and one night on the way back to New York the captain abruptly died; hours later, the ship caught fire, the charred hulk coming to rest on a Long Island beach. This is the story of the destruction of the ship, and what came after for several key players.

200 Hours Later: The Incredible Journey Of This Dior Couture Dress

This video about all of the work that goes into the creation of a couture dress is mesmerizing.