Rites of Spring

Call me weird, but I love Brutalism. I love Stravinsky's Rite of Spring (above; check out the super sweet ballet style headbanging at about 4:45), I love massive poured concrete edifices, I love those insane old monuments in former Soviet bloc countries. I know there are a lot of people who violently disagree with me on that, but there it is, nonetheless.

What does that have to do with anything? Absolutely fucking nothing. I just thought I'd mention it because of the post title. My associative conversational style at its finest, folks. Anyway, moving on.

It's St. Patrick's day (well, almost), and I hate to say it, but Chicago has gotten really stupid with it. I swear, it gets worse every year - more and more drunken idiots making their way into neighborhoods where they don't live, trashing the streets, starting fights, and vomiting all over the place. After I narrowly avoided having my shoes puked on last year, I decided to skip that scene this time around and basically ignore the holiday.

It makes me kind of sad to do it, though. I mean, yes, it's a bit hokey, but I always had this real fondness for St. Patrick's Day. I'm basically a pan-European mutt; both of my parents' families have been in this country for several generations, and I never had any fun traditions to participate in, or even any particular understanding of where my family came from. I was, however, a redhead, and redhead automatically equals Irish to a lot of people. After being asked a certain number of times if I was Irish, it seemed like a pretty desirable thing to be.

I guess there are other ways to celebrate my ersatz Irishness, though. Like actually going to Ireland (checked that one off the list a couple of years ago), getting super into whiskey (ditto), subsisting on potatoes (a significant portion of my college years), and watching Moone Boy (Chris O'Dowd, you hilarious bastard). 

Getting a little drunk and dancing barefoot in my back yard while wearing green probably also counts. Right? 

Can I make high kicks my signature thing? Like, every post, I do a high kick? That would be really fun.

Actually, maybe I should do photo shoots after I've had a few more often. These actually look pretty good. I am not usually this graceful.

Potential downside to perpetual drunk photography - 40+ "artistic" photos with my eyes partially or fully closed. Hmm.... 

What did you guys get up to this weekend? Mine was actually really nice - I went to a baby shower (the parents are pretty much the coolest people that I've ever met, and I honestly can't wait to meet their kid, who will undoubtedly be amazing as well), and I also managed to scarf down a fair amount of pie for Pi Day. And then, of course, there was the barefoot back yard dance party. All in all, pretty sweet.