Hipster Snow White

I think I really do have a thing for outfits inspired by fairy tales (link to Some women just want to watch the world burn and Baby I'm Howling For You). It's such a fun well to draw from, and even when the influence isn't explicit, I think it really adds something to an outfit to bring in a little bit of that fairy tale magic. One of the things that I love about fashion is how transformative it can be, which I think is part of the reason why something like the big gown scene in Cinderella is such an enduring image. I'm not the only one who loves the idea that I can put on a different outfit, whip off my glasses, slick on some lipstick, and suddenly be a different person.

When I was getting dressed this morning, I found myself reaching for items that, together, really leant themselves to a Hipster Snow White persona, so of course I had to go with it.

This skirt was one of my new spring purchases. My favorite yellow dress died somewhere around the end of winter - the tulle overlay was so badly snagged in so many different places that I just couldn't keep going with it anymore. A new yellow skirt was something like a consolation prize.

This beehive hairstyle with a headband to keep back my bangs has become my go to style in the past couple of weeks. I know at least a couple of posts here have featured me wearing it. I don't really like how I look with straight hair at this length, but I don't always have to time curl it. I'm a little worried about the damage that I might be inflicting by teasing my hair all the time, but... eh. It's cute and easy, I can accept a little damage for that.

I had some fun doing these shots. I didn't realize how long I was outside, trying to get some good stuff, until I came inside and my fingers were stiff with the cold. Early spring in Chicago is always ready to regress back into winter, and today was definitely on the chilly side.

Snow White, of course, must have an apple.

Although sometimes apples turn out to be onions. I think there's a life lesson in there somewhere.

Of course, onions can still be fabulous. And if you eat enough of them, you don't have to worry about any stupid princes trying to kiss you.