Dreaming of Electric Sheep

Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies. I've watched it several times over the years, and nothing really compares to the sci-fi noir vibe - the neon lights shining through the fog, the 40s fashions playing up the retro-futuristic feel. I can't think of many other films that compare to it for style, although many have tried over the years.

Sean Young was such a dream as Rachel. Love this look - so freaking iconic.

This green blazer is the top half of a suit, and it took a long while before I really found the best way to fit it into my wardrobe. I'm pretty broad shouldered already, and the structure on this jacket just emphasizes it. It can also look a bit dowdy when it's buttoned all the way up, and I'm sort of embarrassed to admit how long it took me to realize that, oh hey, I can just leave a couple of buttons undone. Duh.

I was chilly enough out that I needed an extra layer, and I feel like the leather jacket adds a touch of toughness to the look. I think I might have to try and work this kind of layering idea into rotation more often, actually: the longer blazer does good things for my hips, but the cropped jacket on top brings a little emphasis back up to my waist.

It's a little weird shooting in bright sunlight like this. I used to avoid it because it's hard not to squint, but I like how stark the shadows look. 

I just got a new curling mousse that's been working really well for my hair. What I like it that it doesn't make it too stiff or crunchy, but it really gives the curls a nice bounce and hold. I've been doing a lot of heat styling lately (I did this with a curling iron), but it's also great with my foam rollers. While it's not Rachel's amazing structured rolls, I think it still has a little bit of that feeling to it.

What's your favorite movie to draw style inspiration from?