I'm all about that bag, 'bout that bag

That title is a lie on so many levels. I only own a handful of purses, and I tend to carry the same two all the time - a big one that can hold all my assorted junk during the week, and a little one that's just big enough for a book, my wallet, and my camera for running around on the weekends. I also hate that song, which is both annoying and super ear-wormy. I AM NOT ALL ABOUT THAT BASS. I ALSO REALLY ENJOY TREBLE, OK?

*cough* There is a point to this, though, and it's that I feel like this is another area where I could stand to step up my game a little bit. I need something functional, but sometimes I also want to add an element of fun to my outfits.

Lilac Mini Tote Bag

Freaking adorable. I love the springy lilac color and the mini-but-not-too-mini size.

Robot Cross Body Bag

It's a robot! I love robots!

Peacock Embroidered Clutch

I absolutely loved the embroidered drum bags that Ulyana Sergeenko showed with her most recent couture collection, and this has just the merest hint of that. Not super practical for every day, but a great piece for a night out.

Hanging Monster Shopper

This is about as cutesy as I get. I love the funny illustration, which seems like a good way to bring a little whimsy to a more minimalist outfit.

Sleek Mint Backpack

I like a carry a backpack sometimes in the summer when I'm biking a lot, and mint version is cute, cool, and very sleek.

Pastel Clean Satchel

Another simple bag livened up by a vibrant pastel color. Can you tell I'm really, really in the mood to spring to get it's ass sprung already?

Wizard of Oz Tote

I was a bit obsessed with the Oz books when I was a kid. Green is still my favorite color because of those books. I once convinced myself that this piece of pretty green cord I found would somehow lead me to Emerald City.

Vintage Hand Painted Wood Purse

Very sweet, and perfect for summer.

White Lucite Treasure Chest Purse

I've been meaning to get a lucite purse for what feels like forever, but I always talk myself out of it because they're impractical. Sometimes that's what fun about something though, right?

My god, I am in the mood for spring, aren't I? I accidentally published this over my the old blog, and someone pointed out that there's a shit load of pastels up there, which I genuinely hadn't noticed (sorry, Cherry, I'm not updating both blogs). But it looks like spring is finally breaking in Chicago, and I am definitely in the mood to bust out those pastels again - who's with me?