Tropic of Cancer

I think we've found an apartment!

We haven't signed the lease yet, but assuming everything goes to plan, we should be doing that tomorrow evening. I've been driving Brian up a wall worrying about locking something down in time, so it's a huge weight off of my mind just to know that there are apartments out there with landlords that'll rent to me.

Please ignore my incredibly wrinkly skirt - I biked from my current neighborhood to my new neighborhood and back twice this weekend, a total distance of about 30 miles, not counting the ground I covered while I was actually there. Sweat, exertion, and a cotton linen blend aren't things that play well together. And before you ask, no, I did not bike in these heels. While I actually find it pretty easy to bike in a nice pair of 4-inchers, biking in platforms is a terrible idea.

I was feeling a little intimidated about riding so far. I hadn't been spending much time on my bike, and I wasn't really sure what the road was going to be like. As it turned out, it was really nice to get back in the saddle, so to speak. There's nothing like beating a car off the line, using the power of your own legs to go as fast as something with a motor, at least briefly.

And it does things like this for my calves, so there's that. Bam!

The warm weather (like, really, truly, gonna stay that way for a while warm) put me in the mood for something bright and cheerful. I like color combos like this - red, hot pink, and orange might sound like overkill to some people, but I think if you keep the shapes classic and the accessories minimal, it can have a lot of punch without being too overwhelming.

So what'd you guys get up to this weekend?