Silliest title that I've ever come up with, but that's what happens when you just google a particular color combo because you don't want to call your post something as boring as "bronze and blue." I'm not especially into Harry Potter (I know, what kind of nerd am I?!), so finding out that I'm a walking house crest mostly strikes me as funny. Although I just took a Buzzfeed quiz that also sorted me into Ravenclaw, so maybe the world is trying to tell me something...

Harry Potter related digressions aside, this is one of those outfits that has, oddly enough, become kind of a go-to when I'm in a hurry or feeling indecisive. I think we all have those particular pieces or combinations that just work, for whatever reason, and this is one of mine. It ticks a lot of boxes on my wardrobe checklist - a vintage item (my blue cashmere cardigan), a full but-not-too-full skirt, a high contrast color combo, a lady-like silhouette. I do some version of this outfit probably three or four days a week.


You know what's funny? I actually don't care for this skirt much at all, aside from the color. I don't really like the wrinkled texture, and the lining is so tight that I've had to cut slits in it so that I can take a full length stride. Bronze is not a common color, though, and it's easily my favorite metallic, so I always find myself forgiving the things that I find annoying about it. Does anyone else have a piece like that? You kind of hate it, but there's something so unique or great about it that you find yourself reaching for it anyway?