Crown Me In Roses and Glory

Oh, this dress.

As much as I like buying myself pretty new things, there's a special pleasure that comes from someone else giving you pretty new things. This was a late birthday present from Brian (the package was a little delayed because of the move), and I practically squealed with joy when he handed me the package. It's just so pretty.

I didn't used to like the color orange very much, but lately it's been growing on me. I do have a pretty sweet pair of orange platforms, and although it was a little too cool to wear them today, I will definitely have to pair them with this dress some other time this summer.

I've realized recently that I don't really love a lot of big, chunky jewelry. I love see other ladies rock bakelite bangles and brooches, but I tend to find it a little annoying when I try to wear it myself. Delicate gold jewelry is just more my speed. 

I know I talked about this not too long ago, but it can feel so weird to take photos in public. Walking around my new neighborhood, though, I see so many places that catch my eye and seem like they would be perfect for shooting. Although there was a softball game going on not far from where I was shooting, no one said anything to me, or even really paid attention to what I was doing. The more I do this, the less scary it seems. 

If these shoes look familiar, it's because they've been getting a whole lot of wear lately. Much like the denim jacket I still haven't stopped wearing, a pair of nude flats just seems work anywhere, and with anything. I've always resisted basics, but I feel like I'm going to have to start stocking up on more of them.

Alright, ladies, what's your favorite piece right now? Is it a bright new dress, or is it that basic piece that you find yourself reaching for day after day?