Blueberry Fields Forever

Ever since I started blogging and taking regular photos of what I wear, I noticed that I go through color cycles. One week, every piece of red in my wardrobe gets an airing; the next, I'll be all about pink; a month later, I'll realize that there hasn't been a single day when I'm not wearing something blue.

I've been going through a little bit of a blue period lately. There's something about spring and early summer that just cry out for baby blue, navy, and every shade in between. It echoes the shades of a cloudless sky, or that ocean that I wish I was sailing on. Blue is also, generally speaking, a pretty flattering color on most people, so there's that.

T-shirt + full skirt + cute shoes = the ideal summertime outfit, if you ask me. It's easy, polished, and appropriate for just about every occasion. I've found myself falling back on this look a lot as the weather has warmed up, and this particular iteration, inspired by my kick-ass new shoes, might be one of my favorites so far.

As you guys know, I'm really feeling the 70s thing lately, and I just couldn't resist a pair of reasonably priced platforms in such a pretty shade of sky blue. I have so many outfits in mind that I think will look absolutely amazing with them, I seriously can't wait to start trying to them all. It might be a while before I can really make my dreams come true, though - it wasn't in my best interests to try and walk long distances in these shoes the first day I go them. They're actually not bad to walk in in terms of how they make my feet feel, but a bottom heavy shoe is just always going to rub somewhere. It's one of those immutable laws of nature.

Another immutable law of nature - immediately after making a grand statement about how I only really like delicate jewelry, I fall fanatically back in love with the the chunky wooden pieces in my jewelry box and wear them every day for a week. Like you do. 

Top: H&M
Skirt: VeryVintageStore on Etsy
Shoes: Asos
Bracelets: Vintage Underground
Wooden Ring: Dethrose Vintage