Lips Like Sugar

I'm moved, I have internet, and I'm feeling wildly inspired by my new surroundings. Things should be back pretty much to normal from now on, so let's get started.

I'm sure I've mentioned before that Brian is making furniture full time now, and his new workshop is pretty amazing. It's in old warehouse, and besides being a great place to build furniture, it's also a great place to take photos. I think I spent three or four hours just walking around, finding different nooks and interesting spaces for photos. Brian even came out to help me, and I think some of the best shots were ones that he took.

Warning - so many pictures. So many, many pictures.


Dress, Belt: Asos
Shoes: Aldo
Bra: Forever 21

What's funny is that I was scared to death for some of these shots. I'm not afraid of heights, exactly, but I am very afraid of falling. The black iron stairs have a tendency to creak rather ominously, and until I had gone up and down them a couple of times without plunging to my death I kept a very tight grip on the railing. 

Being in a new place is definitely helping me see things with new eyes. There are so many murals and cool buildings and other interesting things around here - it seems like everywhere I look, all I see are cool backgrounds for photos. #bloggerlife I can't wait to share all this exciting stuff with everyone!