Boogie Woogie

My hair is finally long enough for victory rolls!

It's been over a year since I cut off all my hair. I loved the pixie cut, and I've loved the various stages of growing it out, but it is kind of nice to have something to play with again. It's funny - lately I've felt like it's growing so slowly, but another woman at work with a pixie cut came up to me and asked how I managed to grow it out to fast. It was kind of a nice reminder of the progress that I've made, although I'm still looking forward to a real ponytail.

I can't tell you how much I love this background. It's just so dynamic, with all of those beautiful swirls of colors. I've walked past it a number of times and always thought it would make the best location for a shoot. Sunday was such a dim and gloomy day, and the bright, cheerful colors really helped bring these photos back to life.

I don't usually smile so much in photos, but a couple of friends were teasing me about my "model" face this weekend. I'm actually a pretty smiley, happy person in real life, so they thought it was hilarious that I'm always so serious in photos. They may have a point, but I feel like it's so much harder to capture a natural, happy smile than it is a more serious or neutral face. 

Serious face. I could keep this up all day.

Keeping a big smile on my face for long periods of time is much harder, and requires breaks and facial calisthenics.

That's a full body derp right there.

I figured you guys deserved one more outtake. ;)

Top: Uniqlo
Skirt: forever21
Cardigan: vintage, Vintage Underground
Shoes: Asos
Earrings: Chronically Vintage