Come Sail Away

You know when you have all of these plans for things that you want to do or have happen, and then you try to put them into action and nothing comes out quite right?

Yeah, that’s this post.

I had this whole idea. I got up in the morning and put on my pretty sailor dress that I hadn’t worn since last summer, did my hair in curls, and loaded up my tripod, with plans to head to the park after work. And then, of course, the foggy, humid morning turned my bouncy curls into limp, half-hearted bends, and when I changed back into my dress, which is fairly tight and only has a side zip, I managed to rub half the makeup off my face. When I got to the park, everyone and their mother was there enjoying the sunshine. I didn’t feel weird about taking pictures in public, but I didn’t really want half the tourist population of Chicago walking, running, or biking through them either.

And then, of course, once I got on my bike to head home, I passed a half dozen spots on the lake that would have been dead freaking perfect and were far more secluded.

But hey, that’s life, I guess. I still got a handful of decent pictures, so I can’t complain too hard.

Alright, so full disclosure - I don't usually retouch my photos, beyond a little filtering and things like that. I had a bad patch of zits on my cheek and my makeup had started to wear off, so I did use the "heal" tool. I neither want to totally let it all hang out, nor be dishonest about what I actually look like.

Dress: Lady Jane Vintage