Faster, Pussycat! Kill, Kill!

While I may not have the boobage of Tura Satana, I still had a lot of fun dressing the part of a bad girl this weekend. 

I think every woman should have a tight black outfit and a killer pair of heels in her repertoire. If it's not a rule, it should be.

The Hastings Brothers' Furniture shop is officially my favorite place to take photos. The lighting was a little weird, both bright and overcast, so I couldn't take advantage of the broader vistas the rooftop had to offer. Still, I think these photos turned out really well.

Brian's first comment on seeing these photos - "do you even have any melanin?" No. The answer is pretty obviously no.

I read somewhere that photos tend to come out best when they're taken from your own eye level, and I've always kind of stuck with that. Turns out, that's a dumb rule. A low angle makes your legs look like they go on forever.

Top: Gåte band tee
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Nine West

I hope everyone had a great weekend!