Ok, so sadly, I'm not in Greece, but I was feeling a bit inspired by the thought of a Mediterranean holiday. I recently saw some vintage tourism posters, and there was something about it that just struck a chord with me. Lounging about on white marble, blue sky above me, blue sea below. Maybe there's a gentleman or two hanging around reading poetry at me too, I don't know.

The weather was pleasantly cooperative, lending me a cloudless blue sky, sunshine, and a hint of a breeze. It really was the prefect day. 

I inadvertently scouted out the location for this shoot the last time that I went biking by the lake, after I took the photos for this post. I got a bit distracted and rode a 4 or 5 miles further than I needed to (oops), but I realized just how pretty it can be when you got a bit further south. The beaches and lakefront trails can get quite crowded on the north side of the city, but the area I found was both picturesque and fairly deserted. 

I bought these shoes back in the middle of winter for next to nothing, and I'm happy I finally got a chance to wear them. They're so cute, with the gingham and the ankle ties, but they don't actually have a proper sole, so if there's been any kind of wet weather I can't wear them at all. For all that they lack in practicality, though, I think they make up for with sheer summertime prettiness.

Oh, and this is actually important - seriously, you guys, sunblock. I was really bad about remembering to put it on last summer, but it's so crucial. I've actually started taking it to work with me so that I can reapply it before I head home. I really like the Banana Boat Baby Sunscreen for body, and La Roche Posay Anthelios Mineral sunscreen for my face, which is a bit pricey but absolutely worth it. I'm a bit of a cheap ass, but sunscreen is one of those things where a little more expense is justified.

Top: forever21
Skirt, Belt, Shoes: Asos
Scarf: Vintage, Vintage Underground

So, if you could jet off anywhere for a little summer vacation, where would it be?