The New Edwardians

It's been a little while since I've done an outfit post here, much longer than I normally go between them. Unfortunately, between bad weather and a bad case of the blues, I didn't really do much shooting for a couple of weeks. For Father's Day, though, Brian wanted to head out to his parents' place in Indiana to spend a little time with his dad. It was hot, muggy, and buggy, but apparently a change of scenery was all I really needed to get the juices flowing again.

This dress.


I honestly ogled it for months before I finally took the plunge. What actually made me do it was that a similar one that I had also been considering sold after being on the market for quite a while; fearing that this particular style of dress was going to suddenly come into vogue and get snapped up, I begged the seller to put it on hold for me until I could actually afford to buy it.

And then it hung in my closet for a few months, because where the fuck am I going to wear a floor length, off the shoulder white dress? It's beautiful, but also highly impractical. I think everyone has to have a piece or two like this in their wardrobe, though. It just makes me happy to have it, no matter how silly that might be.

Shooting turned out to be a bit of a challenge. I forget sometimes how lucky I am to live in the city, where there are virtually no mosquitos. It's been quite rainy around here as well, and with all the standing water there are a lot of them around this year. I put bug spray on, but I forgot my face and was promptly bitten on the forehead. Go me.

Speaking of foreheads, you can see way more of mine right now than you'd usually be able to. Why is that, do you ask? Well, somehow, despite usually being pretty good at trimming my own bangs, I managed to accidentally make then about... half an inch long? Maybe slightly longer? I was practically in tears over it Saturday, when I did the deed, but they've grown on me. Not literally, they're still really short, but I've decided that they're very avant-garde and fashion forward and make me look slightly like Liz Taylor as Cleopatra. And no one can get me to say anything different. 

So, what did you guys get up to this weekend?

Dress: Gunne Sax, from Cut+Paste Vintage