The Girl In the Cat Hat

It's been a good three weeks since I've taken any outfit photos, which might be the longest that I've gone since I started blogging, even when over the holidays or when I was in the middle of a move. But hey, that's life - sometimes other things take priority, and I know that eventually I'll feel that spark of inspiration again.

This time, inspiration came in the form of an absurdly cute hat. It has cat ears! And it's actually really practical for biking, since it won't go flying off my head and does a good job keeping sun or light rain out of my eyes. 

Also helpful - this gloriously warm and sunny day. It's been unseasonably cold and rainy here since summer began, and while I'm usually pretty happy to avoid the sun, there's a certain point in the year when it becomes faintly absurd for the temps to keep hanging around in the 60s.

This is the kind of low key outfit that I've been gravitating towards lately. Loose and light, a little whimsical, and not needing a bra is always a bonus when it comes to fighting summer boob sweat. (TMI?)

When I was taking photos, I saw this random, half-deflated birthday balloon, and of course I couldn't resist grabbing it. Happy B-Day, whoever you used to belong to!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer so far!