Back to Basics

I was as lazy as could be this weekend. Aside from a few household chores and a lot of eating, I just couldn't be bothered to do too much. I actually feel pretty happy about that, frankly; it's easy to get bogged down in the feeling that I always have to go out and do something, when sometimes it's nice to just chill out. I don't necessarily want to do nothing all the time, but once in a while it's good for the mind and body to be utterly unproductive. 

But to be honest, this post isn't really about my weekend, or even the outfit, despite all the pictures of it on here. 

It's about doing something that I'm not usually comfortable doing - posting pictures of my legs, in all their stout, stocky glory.
I have never been a fan of my legs. They're not very long in relation to the rest of my body, they're very muscular, and they're really the only place where I carry much fat. It's one of the reasons that I gravitated towards a 1950s silhouette - the longer, fuller skirts were a bit more forgiving on my particular body type than a lot of modern styles.
Most of the time if I'm taking photos of outfits that show more of my legs, I'm really selective of the pictures that I use. Creative posing, low angles, high heels (or standing up on my tip toes). It's all about mitigating my flaws. And yes, I know that everyone wants to look their best in pictures, no one is trying to show off what they think of as their worst features, but I don't like that I feel so ashamed of this part of my body. There are things that I know rationally that should make me more appreciative of them. The lean muscle mass means that I don't gain weight very easily. I'm strong enough to keep up with cars on my bike. I can walk and run and kick and dance, and that's all really awesome. And yet, my overriding feeling towards them is disappointment, annoyance, and sometimes outright disgust.

I'm a huge supporter of the body positivity movement, and I have so much admiration for all the ladies out there who can look at themselves with love and joy and respect for their bodies. I want to get there some day, but I'm just not there yet. Despite not liking my legs, though, I'm not going to hide them away. I have issues with my body. So does everyone. I don't want to let that rule what I wear anymore.

In the interest of continuing my lazy streak, I'm not going to say too much more about these photos. Cutoffs, a white tee, some body positivity, and a little red scarf to brighten things up a bit. It felt good to get back to basics.