Oscar Winning Shorts

It's not unusual for me to fall head over heels for an item of clothing, but I'm pretty sure I've never fallen for a pair of shorts. Shorts! And I was just complaining about how insecure I can feel about my legs. Somehow, this magical, beautiful, $20 pair of shorts circumvents all of my issues. They're flattering, they're comfortable, they go with just about everything. They turned my thighs navy the first day I wore them, but I liked them so much I still put them on again the next day.


Ok, so, real talk - I'm turning into a bit of a forever21 freak. I know that from an ethical standpoint I really shouldn't be shopping there, but from the standpoint of wanting cute things and not having a lot of money to get them, they're basically irresistible. I'm trying to hit the brakes on my spending for the next couple of months, though, so maybe by the time I have money to spend again we won't be quite so sartorially in sync.

Apparently everyone loved the Chloe Spring 2015 show just as much as I did, because I've been seeing a lot of suspiciously familiar pieces at f21, Zara, and H&M recently. Like this. Or this. This too. Basically, all those trapeze dresses and gladiator sandals and trumpet sleeve tops happened because so many women saw these looks and had a simultaneous fashion orgasm, and I include myself in that group. So, while I generally don't condone straight knockoffs... well, it's not like I could afford the original anyway, right?

I don't usually feature much in the way of accessories, but I absolutely adore the sunglasses and bag that I have here. I picked the sunglasses up at a random little shop in St. Louis, and I find the kitten eye shape and lattice style frame so cute. The purse has become just about the only thing I carry on the weekend. It's the perfect size for my book, my wallet, and even my bike lock, and it's hard not to smile when you see it.

Have you ever found a piece that you wouldn't have expected to love, but do?

Shorts: forever21
Top: forever21 (from approx. 8 years ago)
Purse: ASOS
Shoes: Aldo