15 Signs You Are A Character In A Fairy Tale


1. You are the youngest of three brothers and everyone thinks you're rather dimwitted, but because you're not a total dick you become fabulously wealthy and powerful.

2. You've spent significant time behind a stove and/or covered in ash.

3. Your christening was attended by one of more fairies, at least one of whom was offended by something that your parents did or did not do.

4. Fairies in general are really interested in you.

5. You've ever celebrated your good fortune only to have the shriveled up old woman in the corner start to cackle uncontrollably.

6. You know any talking animals.

7. These talking animals are willing and able to grant you wishes.

8. When you get lost in a forest and come across a humble hut, you feel no compunctions about demanding food and a place to sleep for the night.

9. You have ever had to complete a series of three tasks in order to get someone to marry you.

10. Your older siblings are so jealous of your success that they try to kill you.

11. But even if they succeed, a good fairy/talking animal will bring you back to life.

12. You have decided that you don't want to get married so you set a seemingly impossible task for anyone who wants your hand. You will inevitably marry some rando being helped by a magical goat. You have no say in this.

13. For some reason you not only forget all about the person that you promised to marry as soon as you meet a new and attractive person, you literally don't recognize them until you see them wearing the ring you gave them, at which point you not only forget about your new betrothed, your old lover takes you back immediately.

14. If you are black it is because you were cursed and need magic herbs and/or the help of a good fairy to sort things out.

15. If one or both or your parents aren't dead, they either hate your or are suspiciously willing to sell you to the first person to come along who seems interested.