They Call Me Mellow Yellow

If someone had told me a couple of years ago that yellow would become one of my favorite colors, I would have been really surprised that anyone would make such a pointless but oddly specific prediction about my life. Then, I would have disbelieved them, because I sincerely did not like the color yellow.

I don't know where it came from, but I had strangely negative associations with the color. I think that I also assumed that because I'm very pale, yellow would make me look washed out and sallow. A couple of years ago at a clothing swap, though, I grabbed this yellow dress. I still wasn't sure about the color, but it fit right and the style was really cute, so I figured I might as well. And then it turned out that I wore it all the damn time.

Since then, yellow has become a color that I reach for over and over. My closet is increasingly populated by varying shades of lemon, sunshine, and gold, and I have to admit that there are a couple of dresses that I've been eyeing with increasing interest in a muted shade of marigold. (Paired with my baby blue 70s style heels? I'm dying a little.)

I love this skirt and wore it incessantly earlier in the summer, but it's fallen to the wayside recently. Because it's on the longer side, fairly full, and made of lightweight cotton, it seemed like no matter what I did it would find a way to get caught up in my bike. It's got a couple of stains that I haven't quite managed to get out, although they're not super noticeable, and I didn't want to totally wreak it. I thought it was time to bring it back into the rotation, though, and I figured knotting it up like this would not only add some interest and change the shape, it would keep it from picking up any more bike grime.

It definitely succeeded in changing the silhouette, and I really like the way that it drapes and hangs. It makes it feel quite goddess-y in a way, even with the heavy knot. A fold did still manage to wrap itself around my brake, though, so it wasn't a complete success.

Apparently, the spot that I picked for my photos (which I've used once before and really like) is a fairly popular one - a couple of minutes after I started taking photos several girls, who had been doing their own, fairly professional looking shoot down the street, came by. I just kept shooting, mostly because I couldn't think of anything else to do, and, looking disappointed, they moved on down the street. Yeah, I definitely live in the hipster neighborhood.

Happy Friday!