Água de Beber

This skirt was a dress until Friday night - a dress that didn't actually fit me very well. It sat in my closet, unwearable, unsellable, and sad as hell. But when I got an invite to a late summer back yard barbecue, I had a burst of inspiration, because what could be more appropriate for a tiki-fied back yard than this fabulous Hawaiian print?

It was an 80s does 50s dress, so no need to gasp too hard about me cutting it in half. And weirdly enough, despite the fact that the dress was far too big on me while it was a dress, both the top and the skirt that I've made out of it fit really well with minimal alterations. I call that a win.

It's a bit of an odd color scheme, though, and one of Brian's white t-shirts was one of the only things I could find that really went with it. 
It's kind of nice to be back in vintage again. It's been a while since I've worn it (or at least worn something photo-worthy), but I'm feeling rather into it at the moment. I recently met some pretty cool, vintage-loving folks in my new neighborhood, and seeing how amazing they look in their 50s fashions reminded me of just how cool it can be.

For anyone who has ever asked me how I come up with my poses, one tiny piece of advice - the weirder it feels, the better it probably looks. Bending backwards over a pillar isn't exactly comfortable, but I think the shot ended up looking pretty cool. Yes/no?



I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Skirt, Scarf: Vintage
T-Shirt: Hanes
Shoes: Modcloth
Sunglasses: Amazon