After spending the better part of the summer waffling about whether or not culottes were for me, I finally got a pair (well, made a pair; I had a lovely pair of flowy cotton jersey pants that I had literally worn twice in the year since I had purchased them, and I am nothing if not scissor happy, which works out surprisingly well most of the time) and have basically not stopped wearing them since.
If we could stop for a moment just to admire that paragraph-long sentence, that would make me really happy.

But anyway, I've actually kind of fallen in love with them. They're ridiculously comfortable and surprisingly flattering - which, if I'd thought about it, shouldn't really be that big of a surprise, because the silhouette is basically the same as that of a midi skirt. I've worn them at least once a week since I gave them the snip, and they've paired really well with everything from a tight tank top to an oversize men's shirt to this feminine off the shoulder top. 

This shirt is another new acquisition, but one that's a little more in keeping with my typical style choices. A few years ago, a very drunk girl told me out of the blue that I had a beautiful collar bone, and it's kind of stuck with me because it might be the sincerest compliment that I've ever received. I feel like the off the shoulder thing is a great way to show off a really beautiful part of the body that doesn't really get enough attention in fashion these days.

Of course, now that I've decided that I like both off the shoulder tops and culottes, I'm sure the fashion world will decamp, en masse, for an entirely new trend that I will eventually be won over by.