Reality Bites

Man, I'm really on a roll with this whole "putting my legs out there for the world to see and judge" thing, aren't I? Granted, I'm also really working the angles to make sure they look as long and slim as possible, but still. I don't think my legs have gotten this much sunshine since the 4th grade, when I had this pair of shorts overalls that I absolutely loved and demanded to wear until well after it was weather appropriate.

Speaking of 4th grade (and how good I am at transitions), I didn't really mean to go to such a 90s place with this outfit, although I'm not mad about it. The sunglasses were a last minute addition so that I wasn't squinting and frowning in the pictures; despite the cat eye frame, they really read as round with the sunlight glinting off the lenses. The jacket around my hips was kind of a modesty thing, since I didn't realize quite how much of my ass was going to be hanging out of this romper when I got on my bike (i.e., most of it). As for the romper itself... well, it's a mock-neck halter top, so I'm not sure how I didn't realize when I bought it that it was basically a time machine to 1994. It wasn't until I was looking through the pictures that I started to pick up on the distinct grunge Drew Barrymore vibe I was putting off.

I just have to tell you guys about what a pain in the ass it was getting these pictures. First off, this outfit is not photogenic. It's pretty cute in person, but getting decent pictures of it is a while different story. I find black really difficult to photograph, especially since I'm so fair, and while I like what the halter style top does for my shoulders, the bottom half isn't so flattering on me. I took almost 300 photos to finally get the ones that you see here, and that's after changing location three different times and trying out a dozen different poses and camera setups to find something remotely flattering.

So, what's your best story about a non-photogenic outfit? And what are your tips to getting a good picture even when your ensemble doesn't want to cooperate?