Green Acres

Sometimes things just work out so serendipitously. 

You put on your farmer overalls and look for a place to take some pictures, and the first thing you come across is what can only be described as farm-themed mural painted by someone on LSD. You really can't plan these things.

I've actually been jonesing for a pair of overalls since last summer because I am a trend whore who can be talked into pretty much anything, but I'm also indecisive enough to routinely talk myself out of things like that again. Imagine my delight to discover that Brian actually owns a pair! Admittedly, they're kind of huge on me, but in a way that I'm increasingly into. Paired with an off the shoulder crop top and a simple pair of sandals, I was pretty pleased with the resulting look.

We'll see how well these sandals actually work out. They're pretty cute (and were extremely cheap - thanks, Modcloth!), but the gold strap across my instep is pretty tight, and I have the feeling they're going to break my feet in rather than the other way around. I might have to relegate them to short jaunts for the rest of this summer, and hope they're a little more broken in for next year.

What, you don't hang around on public sidewalks pretending to read your book of fairy tales?

Overalls: Craftsmen
Crop Top: Asos
Shoes: Modcloth