Balls to the Toile

One of the things that I love about weekends is the chance to spend a little extra time on myself in the mornings. Most days I'm up before dawn, trying to sort out breakfast and showering and an outfit that I won't be totally ashamed to be seen in public wearing. I've started bringing an eyebrow pencil into work with me because I kept discovering that I'd drawn them on asymmetrically after I got to work. Not on the weekends! I know it's self-indulgent to spend two hours getting ready, but I think a little self-indulgence is called for once in a while.

I was feeling a little bit girly on Saturday, as you can probably tell. Big Alice bows haven't been my thing for a while, but I felt like this look needed a little extra something.

I actually really wanted to get some photos without sunglasses, since I've been all sunglasses, all the time lately, and my eyeliner was really on point, but while I was out the minor headache I'd been nursing basically turned into a full on migraine. Taking off the sunglasses made the headache worse, and it was also super obvious in the pictures that I was thisclose to hurling.

Just to be clear, I'm not actually hanging out on train tracks. I just read this thing about how people keep getting killed trying to take selfies on train tracks, and as much as I like blogging, I don't really want to die for my craft. There is however, a stretch of tracks near my house with a little side yard for extra train track bits, and I decided it was appropriately scenic. Not that you can see much of it in these pics, but still.

I spent most of the rest of the day laying on the couch in the dark, but there's a good chance I would have done that anyway. So... Happy Monday?