Snow White Complex

Short of choking on an apple and waiting around for a prince with necrophiliac tendencies, I think grabbing a box of dark colored dye is as close as I'll get to living out my fairy tale dreams.

I cycle through hair colors about once every 6 months to a year, and this time I spun the wheel and landed on a very dark shade of brown. In the past I probably would have gone straight for jet black, but I've had enough experience turning my hair to cotton candy trying to get black dye out to know not to go that route this time. There's something delightfully dramatic about dark hair, though, and it's been a while since I've had it, so...

The added bonus of going dark - I can just use the same dye to do my eyebrows at the same time. My eyebrows are naturally so blonde as to be invisible, and you really can't dye them red (trust me, it's not a good look), but going dark means shaving five minutes off of my morning routine. It's pretty sweet.

For someone who writes a fashion blog, I have very little to say about this particular ensemble. I've worn everything in various posts before, largely because they're lightweight and comfortable and reasonably cute, and I felt like the outfit hit a nice middle ground between princess and sporty. It's basically the blogger version of a shrug, but it's been 90 degrees for the last week and a half here and that's about all I can muster.

I'm leaving for Iceland on Friday! Work is going to be rather crazy between now and then and I'm debating about bringing my laptop with me, so I may or may not have any updates between now and when I get back. I'm really, really looking forward to slipping into some fall clothes, and given the 11 lbs weight limit on my carry on bag (that's 5 kg for all my metric people our there), I think I should have some pretty sweet tips for packing light and planning a capsule wardrobe.

So, as the school children might say, have a nice trip! See you next fall!