Modern Woman

Two whole weeks without posting! I know, I'm kind of the worst. You know it is, though - between short days and cold, wet weather, I wasn't able to take any photos for ages, and I just couldn't find the motivation to do another kind of post. Call it post holiday malaise, I guess. 
But hey, check me out! Pants! I've actually had these bad boys for almost a year, but I only just got around to altering them so that they actually fit. I bought them to fit my hips, so the waist was almost absurdly large, and they were much too long. I absolutely love the fit of them now, though.

I guess these glasses are new to the world too, aren't they? I got them in December, and they're pretty fabulous. They're still a cat eye, like my old one, but they're also kind of chunky and modern looking.

It's gotten ridiculously cold here in Chicago over the past couple of days. When I shot these, it was relatively warm, almost 30 degrees; today, the expected high is 5 degrees. Luckily, I'm off work, and I think I'm going to spend the entire day on the couch, under a blanket, watching Penny Dreadful.