Lips Like Cherries

Last week, Brian and I went out for a fun dinner at a retro, 1950s themed Italian restaurant. It was part of my Christmas present, actually – he’d loved going there when he was a kid, and he knows how much I like getting dressed up and going out. The restaurant really was a standout, and I would love to go back again sometime soon. Delicious food, cool décor, a nice atmosphere. I don’t think I have a button that this place didn’t push.

I was wearing this amazing 1950s black velvet dress – which, I swear, I will feature on here someday – but as I was getting ready, I realized I’d left my lipstick at home. And really, how do you wear a fabulous black velvet dress to a fabulous 50s themed restaurant and not slap on a red lip? It just can’t be done. They stop you at the door and don’t let you in if you try that shit. There’s a Macy’s around the corner from where I work, so I popped over there while I was waiting for Brian and picked something up.

MAC is my department store go to, and they didn’t disappoint in my time of need. When I saw the name of the line – Retro Mattes – I couldn’t resist giving them a try. Although I’ve got plenty of red lipsticks in my arsenal, once I tried it on, I couldn’t leave without buying Feels So Grand, which is a vivid neutral red. I love the color, which is bold and bright but not too vampy, and the perfectly matte texture.

Although it came off pretty fast that first night (because I’m sorry, there is no lipstick on earth that’s going to last through a delicious, but really greasy, artichoke appetizer), it’s lasted for a solid 5 or 6 hours on the occasions that I’ve worn it since then. It’s a tad bit drying, but nothing wearing some emollient lip balm overnight can’t fix.

I’d really like to pick up some more colors in the line, since I’m such a fan of the wear and the texture. To Matte With Love looks absolutely delicious, doesn’t it?

I also wanted to mention that the delightful Tanith Rowan featured me in her newsletter! I was really excited to open it and see some photos from last year pop up. I don't wear my hats as often as I would like to, but this makes me want to rummage through my hat boxes again. Her newsletter is full of interesting content that isn't necessarily featured on her blog, so I really recommend subscribing.